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Guangzhou Directel Telecommunications Limited in alliance with China United Network Telecommunications Corporation Limited Guangzhou branch to create a Smart city in Guangzhou

Source:  Date: 2017-12-22  View   7519  

On December 21, 2017, Guangzhou Directel Telecommunications Limited (“GZDT”) officially signed the "Smart City All-Purpose Card" project cooperation agreement with China United Network Telecommunications Corporation Limited Guangzhou branch (“China Unicom Guangzhou”).


      With the perfect network and strong operation ability of China Unicom, as well as many years of experience and professional skills in the telecommunications industry of GZDT, both parties will work together to create the "Smart City" project in 11 areas of Guangzhou in the coming 5 years.


"Smart City" construction project utilize the core technology of the Smart City All-Purpose Card, to create a new comprehensive public service platform, including Minsheng card, Citizen card, intelligent community, car owners service, automotive services, beauty salons, catering, daily necessities, public transport, hotel apartments, plant parks, enterprises, government departments, public WiFi, membership management, electronic ticketing, finance, government affairs, education, medical, environmental protection, tourism and other one-stop service.


In the future, GZDT will continue to work closely with China Unicom Guangzhou, and vigorously invest in the development of "Smart City" project to create a Great Guangzhou as a starting point, expanding all over Guangdong province, to achieve a nationwide "Smart City" as the ultimate goal.