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MaaS Platform Business

1.Hotel Services — MTS Online Travel Services

        Based on mobile Internet, big data technology, OTA-SIM and the new roaming service system of Directel, MTS integrates the resources from the travel service industry chain (travel agencies, airlines, hotels, scenic spots, etc.). The two-way empowerment of cross-services between telecommunication and hotel helps hotels and telecom operators to gain customers.

        After authenticated the customer’s SIM card with EAP authentication (eID + Facepass), the hotel provides users with secure WiFi and check-in services. Users can use the hotel WiFi to log on to the Internet when they arrive at the hotel, and use the hotel's access control management to roam freely and seamlessly in the 4G/5G hotel WiFi of the telecom operators.

2.OTA-SIM/RCC-SIM Greater Bay Area Transportation Service

        Installation of smart in-vehicle swipe and scan terminals on public transport such as buses, subways, internet taxis and cross-boundary buses.

        Users can use mobile phone to swipe card/ QR code to get a ride conveniently through SIM card EAP authentication; use mobile phone to book a ride online at real time; pay smartly and conveniently through mobile phone. The enterprise joining the platform could use the great transportation needs to get more customers.

3.OTA-SIM Air and railway WiFi service

        Insert the Directel APP into the airline APP for the integration of flight + mobile communication + Internet service. The user can use their SIM card to perform EAP authentication (eID + facepass), which will grant them the priority to log in to the airports and airplanes’ WiFi. Through OTA, phone numbers from different country’s telecom operator can be written on the SIM card and switch automatically when departing, allowing the users enjoy local preferential fares flexibly.

        The SIM card is also an airline membership card, which can help airlines and telecom operators gain customers by providing two-way empowerment through cross-industry services.

4.OTA-SIM New Roaming - Cross-border Roaming Services

        Based on OTA-SIM, smart phone and Directel platform, we integrate the resources of domestic and international telecom operators to gain customers for international telecom operators and provide one-card-multi-number and new integrated IP secretarial service.

        FollowMe—Use local call forwarding and VOIP technology to realize voice call and SMS forwarding to the APP of the user's mobile phone when the user's outbound number is off.

        And we have a personal communication management software that combines CA authentication technology. It helps you to manage your business cards through the software, keeps your address book encrypted in local/cloud, blocks malwares from accessing your address book, and even provides you all functions based on security elements such as encrypted IP phone calls.

        OTA-SIM provides customized services. Another application scenario of OTA-SIM is international student service, which is to gain customers and enhance user stickiness through cooperation with domestic and overseas universities, study abroad agencies and examination institutions.