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Global Hotel Channel Business

Based on mobile Internet and big data technology, OTA-SIM and the new roaming service system, MTS integrates the resources from the travel service industry chain (travel agencies, airlines, hotels, scenic spots, etc.) and provides value-added hotel services. The two-way empowerment of cross-services between communications and hotels helps hotels and operators gain customers.

Services include online travel services/ticketing, online hotel reservations, travel insurance services, hotel access control/WiFi services, cross-border bus tickets, etc., which are cross-sold with OTA-SIM to provide discounted or complimentary communication services to users.

- The Global Hotel channel is a distribution channel of the new roaming OTA-SIM card, as well as the provider of Mzone Wi-Fi network.

- The Group will cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers to customize mobile phones for hotel use. Together with OTA-SIM, it’ll write in encrypted authentication data such as IMSI. The Group will deliver the customized mobile phones and OTA-SIM to hotels with some value-added services pre-installed.

- Through the APP, guests can use the mobile phone or tele communication service for free and earn commission to subsidize the call charges by bringing out the services around the hotel. With the OTA-SIM room key writing, the user can be free of the hotel check-in procedure.

- The service allows customers to take OTA-SIM back to China (Mainland China) and get a mobile phone at a discounted rate or even for free for different tiers of users.

- The Group earns its share of call fees through preferential sales advice.