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Mobile Services Sales Agent

The Group provides Mobile Services Sales Agency Services to a number of major mobile network operators in Hong Kong. Through OTA, it can write in encrypted Internet authentication data such as IMSI, as well as multiple different IMSI and card data. The Group enters into distributorship agreements with MNOs and is provided with a list of potential customers or it searches for potential customers on its own. It then outsources its mobile services sales function to the Directel Group to make outbound calls (or "sales calls") to such potential customers to promote respective mobile services of the mobile network operators. In addition, we can also sell mobile services at hotels, taxis and other event venues by introducing the card's existing special packages and promotions to customers on the spot, acquiring new users and earning commissions from the mobile operators for each activated user.

And the SIM card issuance with hotels and taxis is also mutually beneficial. The hotel gives the user a SIM card, and when the user activates the card, we will give the hotel a commission. Our app provides reservation hotel services to the users, and for that the hotel needs to give us a commission. Taxi drivers issue SIM cards to users, and when users activate their cards, we will pay the drivers a commission. Our app provides taxi-hailing services, and we will also charge a small fee per order for the service.